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Uwe Michael Neumann

Nature Photographer

This website is all about my photographic journey of little-known places, people and animals, throughout Africa.
If you are interested in nature and travelling, this site is for you. Feel free to browse, click on the portfolio and enjoy the photos.
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Please have a look at this online exhibition with eleven of my works as well:



Silhouettes on the Beach

AZ Tower in Brno

The Teacher

Road to Eternity

At the Beach of Nouakchott

Desert Scape

Seascape with Clouds

Structured Beach

African Blue Flycatcher (Profile)

Astrological Clock at Old Town Hall in Prague

African Seascape

Preuss Sunbird Close up

Blue African Flycatcher taking off

The Green Fisher Boat

Blue Ambiance

Mangrove Kingfisher on a wall

Golden Hour in the Sahara

View of the Oasis of Terjit in Mauritania

Palm Tree in Cameroon

Wall of Trees in the Central African Rain Forest

Fata Morgana with Camels

Neuschwanstein Castle

Dogs in the Sahara

Tropical Rain Forest in Equatorial Guinea

Bird in the Jungle

Jungle River in Equatorial Guinea

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis

Arid Land

Distortion of Door in Villa Tugendhat

Frosted Glass Window, Villa Tugendhat

Stairs in Villa Tugendhat

Bidet in Villa Tugendhat

Washing machine in Villa Tugendhat

Doors Outdoors

Rusty Iron Bridge in the Tropical Rain Forest

Two Fishermen

Villa Tugendhat, Brno, Czech Republic

Room in Villa Tugendhat, Brno, Czech Republic

Blue and Red Patterned Building

Roads in the Adrar Plateau

Colourful Fisher Boat

Aerial view of Burj Al Arab hotel

Sahara Women

Tunnelbana Lights

Nouakchott harbour under cloudy sky

Fighting the waves – Two young fisher men on a boat

Alone in the Sahara

Old House with windows in Chinguetti

Red-winged Starling at Table Mountain

Rock Rabbit at Table Mountain

Man in blue clothings in the ruins

Clouds – Blue Sky – Eye of Africa

Blue Beach

The Fisherman in a wooden Dugout canoe and the rusty Giants

Monoculture vs Tropical Rain Forest

Behemoth at Sea

Sunset at Chinguetti

Camp fire in the Sahara

Red and Yellow Chairs

Two blue windows in the old city of Ouadane

Sunset at the Oasis of Terjit

Sand Dunes in the Desert


Dah in the Desert

Nomad Tent

Sepia Sahara

Desert Guide

The Dunes of Azouega under Blue Sky

The Dunes of Azouega

Heilandkirche (Church of the Redeemer) on ice

Eisgang am Wannsee

House by the lake

Norway from above

Boat House Reflections in Winter

Titisee in Winter

Landing Stage in Winter

Window with Icicles and Snow in the Black Forest

Lake Bohinj by Nightfall

Neumann Photos

North-east view from Zugspitze mountain into Loisach valley with Garmisch-Partenkirchen in winter

Dreaming Above the Clouds

Bled Castle under cloudy sky close-up

Bled under Cloudy Sky

Norwegian Mountain Landscape With Green Slopes

Invasion of the Autumn Leaves

Mountain Torrent

Autumn Colours

Prague Castle Guard Band in Concert

Yellow Boat under Autumn Leaves

Bled by night

Hohenwerfen Castle

Lake Bohinj on a Autumn evening

Kranj in Autumn with Steiner Alps

for Mança






Säben Abbey

Säben Abbey (German: Kloster Säben; Italian: Monastero di Sabiona) is a Benedictine nunnery located near Klausen in the autonomous region of South Tyrol, northern Italy. It was established in 1687, when it was first settled by the nuns of Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg.


My photographic journey through Africa

When I arrived in Central Africa, colourful birds surrounded my house. I just needed to look out the window and point my camera.

My work brought me to Cameroon and other countries in Central Africa, like Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Chad, both Congos and the Central African Republic. I also visited Mauritania and the Republic of South Africa many times; absolutely fascinating.

During my travels I witnessed different landscapes, species, people and lifestyles.

Travelling in Africa is very different from travelling in Europe. It’s more dangerous, and takes more time so requires greater patience. Leading to more opportunities to take photos!

Most of my photos were taken spontaneously, often during travel or simply from my house. Some were taken in national parks and nature reserves.

I hope you will enjoy my photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

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Uwe Michael Neumann
Berlin - Yaounde

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